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Latest Amazon ANS-C00 Exam Questions

We regularly update our Amazon ANS-C00 Exam Questions, following is the glimpse of the latest ANS-C00 Exam Questions updated in our Amazon ANS-C00 Exam preparation products. Buy Amazon ANS-C00 Exam preparation material listed above to avail full set of updated exam preparation material.

Your organization uses a VPN to connect to your VPC but must upgrade to a 1-G AWS Direct Connect connection for stability and performance. Your telecommunications provider has provisioned the circuit from your data center to an AWS Direct Connect facility and needs information on how to cross-connect (e.g., which rack/port to connect).

What is the AWS-recommended procedure for providing this information?

You manage a web service that is used by client applications deployed in 300 offices worldwide. The web service architecture is an Elastic Load balancer (ELB) distributing traffic across four application servers deployed in an autoscaling group across two availability zones.

The ELB is configured to use round robin, and sticky sessions are disabled. You have configured the NACLs and Security Groups to allow port 22 from your bastion host, and port 80 from The client configuration is managed by each regional IT team.

Upon inspection you find that a large amount of requests from incorrectly configured sites are causing a single application server to degrade. The remainder of the requests are equally distributed across all servers with no negative effects.

What should you do to remedy the situation and prevent future occurrences?

A multinational organization has applications deployed in three different AWS regions. These applications must securely communicate with each other by VPN. According to the organization's security team, the VPN must meet the following requirements:

* AES 128-bit encryption

* SHA-1 hashing

* User access via SSL VPN

* PFS using DH Group 2

* Ability to maintain/rotate keys and passwords

* Certificate-based authentication

Which solution should you recommend so that the organization meets the requirements?

Refer to the image.

You have three VPCs: A, B, and C. VPCs A and C are both peered with VPC B. The IP address ranges are as follows:

* VPC A:

* VPC B:

* VPC C:

Instance i-1 in VPC A has the IP address Instance i-2 in VPC C has the IP address Instances i-3 and i-4 in VPC B have the IP addresses and, respectively, i-3 and i-4 are in the subnet

* i-3 must be able to communicate with i-1

* i-4 must be able to communicate with i-2

* i-3 and i-4 are able to communicate with i-1, but not with i-2.

Which two steps will fix this problem? (Select two.)

A legacy, on-premises web application cannot be load balances effectively. There are both planned and unplanned events that cause usage spikes to millions of concurrent users. The existing infrastructure cannot handle the usage spikes. The CIO has mandated that the application be moved to the cloud to avoid further disruptions, with the additional requirement that source IP addresses be unaltered to support network traffic-monitoring needs. Which of the following designs will meet these requirements?

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